How to Train Around a Supraspinatus Injury?

Is there any shoulder/chest excersises I can do without causing more damage?

If it hurts don’t do it yet

If it doesn’t hurt, load it and progress it within a pain-free threshold

As your strength and confidence improves, you’ll find you’re able to return to the exercises that my have hurt in the past

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In Nov 21, I was diagnosed with a slight rotator cuff tear. The same doc that successfully reattached my bicep two years ago mentioned stem cell verses a scope on my rotator cuff. It was definitely the way to go for me. The result has been phenomenal! Rehab has been minimal. IMO, It’s worth an MRI on your part to determine the extent of the damage to your shoulder.

It’s not

It my case it was well worth it. My orthopedust was able to determine that stem cells were a viable solution verses the more invasive scope.

True, MRI’s can direct surgical/medical management of shoulder injuries, but you don’t need to jump straight to a medical/surgical recommendation to OP.

Having had THREE rotator cuff repairs and having lived with the issue too long for at least 2 of them, you could not be more wrong

The fact you postponed surgery doesn’t mean you managed your shoulder effectively

You are definitely correct. Didn’t mean to imply that an MRI is the first line of attack on rotator issues. Not only are MRI’S very expensive, but should only be used when PT just isn’t getting the job done.

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Totally agree mate :+1:

Physical therapy cannot heal a torn tendon. The best it can do is to help strengthen the surrounding muscles which may help mitigate the loss of use.

Torn tendons hurt. This leads to reduced use of the joint which leads to muscle atrophy which leads to less muscle around the joint. Since the body can’t tolerate a vacuum, it deposits fat to surround the joint.

Bro you haven’t even seen this guy’s imaging (if there is any), or know how irritable is symptoms are.

This statement is misleading (shoulder symptoms can improve without tendon ruptures healing; AND tendons get stronger with training; AND exercise has pain-relieving effects on sensitised joints), if not flat out false in some contexts.

And there is no evidence of fatty infiltration within the shoulder joint.

Also, you know the best way to prevent atrophy? Load, my guy.

@Snapp2nd I suggest you visit a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI.

You need to know what you are dealing with before you make a decision. If physical therapy is warranted, they will prescribe that. Don’t make this decision based on this forum.