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How to Train After Wrist Surgery

Hi everyone, I am hoping you might help me out with your suggestions.
I am expecting to go for wrist surgery in mid February and will be told I will be unable to lift for six weeks. I’m trying to develop a program that will minimize loss of muscle mass.

Example: I can do lower body exercises (leg extensions, leg curls), and I can do body weight lunges and squats. But body weight exercises are not sufficiently challenging after doing them for a week or two, and if I’m out for six weeks, I’m trying to figure out how I can do the lunges, squats, etc using weights. Seems impossible.

As for upper body exercises, I’m afraid I may have to do single arm workouts (whether it’s chest press, tri’s bi’s, etc). Wondering if after six weeks of only working one side of upper body, I’ll be creating muscle imbalances that will affect my training after recovery.

If anybody can offer suggestions for a training protocol during recovery, I’d be much appreciative. Thank you.

hey man, Love the attitude that you want to keep training through this.

find a safety squat bar. There should be one in more serious gyms, but just grab the phone book and call around there will

or go here and buy one, he’s a good friend of mine, and you won’t have to pay duty : http://www.ultimatefitnessgyms.com/catalog/item/5128211/6455379.htm

I have one and they’re extremely well made.

Then for the 6 weeks I would do this program, and not worry about anything else, as you’re going to squat 3x a week, and that will take care of your entire body, and likely fix your posture as you won’t be benching.


Where do you live? If you’re in Ottawa, I know 3-4 places with a safety bar