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How to Train Abs for Aesthetics?

weird post dude. weird fucking post.


I’ll see your positive feedback and raise you a picture of this poor guy’s abs:


It’s easy to blame others but have you considered there is actually some interesting ideas that could be helpful in your post but you’d never know it because what you think is ‘without diplomacy’ doesn’t come across as frankness but as bitterness wrapped up in crazy? And because of that, the entire point of you writing your thoughts out are lost to the universe.


Thanks for this! Have never done the standing ab wheel which probably is my mistake! I will read into the form and progression. Please share how your regimen on ab wheel would look like? How often? Combined with other ab excercises? I feel this is in sync with the OP:s question.

I do 1 set of 20 standing ab wheels once per day


I am sorry @nevergiveout! Either there is a language barrier, or my too many years in college insufficient. I don’t understand what you actually mean by this post. Can you simplify?

I congratulate you to the accomplished result! Ab wheel is the short reply to this now too long thread.

This needs to be much more complicated.


Remember though; we learned earlier you can’t get bigger or stronger training the same muscles everyday, so I definitely broke science.



Is it your too many years in college? Will you never understand?

I knew ““a guy”” who did five sets of 200 leg raises six days a week. Maybe it was the high rep range that allowed this. But eventually you’ll meet many, “I used to run but can’t now” people who, after you wait awhile so as to not make them feel bad, answer the question of “how many days a week?” with seven.
Cory Everson used to intentionally overtrain her legs/glutes to aggressively decrease their size.
The World champion Bulgarian’s trained 7 days a week, until their coach gave them Sundays off, but chewed them out when on Monday…surprise…they were sore. He then threatened 7 days a week to silence the gripes.
I knew another fellow who trained quads with less than 48 hrs off and he got permanent rhabdomyolysis.
Probably a caution/warning neck of the woods.

Your reaction to the sarcasm at the end, shows you read the informational paragraph and took the bait at the end? Thank you for your psychoanalysis.
Have I considered that there is some interesting ideas ?
Have you considered why I wrote that information?
Upon seeing WWF’s new wrestler, “The Universe”, I’ll know it’s you.
Remember, you’re entitled to your opinion.
Ad hominem much?

Why did you put quotes around the phrase “a guy”? Was this not actually a guy?


The final one to two weeks of contest dieting to “shredded”, involves for many, at max, one pound per week weight loss. Two pounds per week before that - as many weeks out as you are…fat.
Do the math, e.g. obtain an accurate % bodyfat today and determine what % is the goal, convert the difference into lbs., and go backward weeks starting from the contest last week one pound, week before that one pound, and all prior weeks Two pounds per week.
The opposite is practiced by those who sabotage their own efforts by dieting too quickly and looking like death warmed over with a big ass/lumbar fat/ab fat. “Gee this’ll never work, so now I can go back to eating like a pig, with a clean conscience even.”
Two Weeks Out, a Mr. USA winner had “no” skin. a side view of his blood vessels looked like copper tubing on a sheet of glass.
A kinesiology professor once said there is no spot reduction; the first location where you store fat, is the last place you lose it. If you gain excessive weight, the fat cell count increases, but upon subsequently losing that weight, those new fat cells only shrink.
Wydase, Thiomucase, and Triacana, all mispelled, were drugs to dissolve fat. The injection into the challenging area rivalled that of cheque drops for pain. Another USA winner used the former. However, dissolving fat’s most likely not going to help your CNS insulation, i.e. fat.

Hope this pisses everybody off, especially : )

It was a guy.

Coined phrases, E.G.s include:
Someone’s threatening your folks? Well, I know “a guy”.
“Trust me”


Well if “a guy” can’t do 20 reps of bodyweight work a day without spontaneously combusting, they most likely deserve it.

It is well known that if you can’t explain things in a simple way, you show limited abilities to understand the whole picture yourself. Or maybe there is a language barrier?


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Dude, if you want to come off as controversial around here you’re going to have to try a lot harder.

We’ve had dudes on here who only conjugate with lions, one guy who lived on nothing but bananas for like 3 months and only eggs for 6, another dude that squatted heavy, like in the 400+ range- every fucking day.

And those are just a couple off of the top of my head. Oh, and the dude that was like living on grams of tren and enough Valium to calm a hurricane.

Your “controversial” stuff reads like an Ann Landers column from the early 60’s.


One variable is missing there. You need to consider % water content. The bodybuilder is striving for a dry look on stage. He wants as much water under the skin removed as possible. So, if you want to “do the math” all variables need to be considered. (note: I cringe when I hear someone say “do the math” as it has been my experience that most who say this can barely do arithmetic.)

Another huge problem I have is the “an accurate % bodyfat”. Was “an accurate % bodyfat” method mentioned?

All the above said, those numbers are fairly close to what I did in the '70’s, '80’s, and '90’s. I started contest prep 12 weeks out at about 240lbs (my off-season training weight) and usually competed between 215lbs and 218lbs.