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How to Tighten Squat Suit Straps?


I know there are lots of posts out there, but they aren't clear to me. I have a new squat suit and I need to tight then straps probably ~4 inches (IE if i were to fold them and make the 'bunny ears' they would poke up 2inches) I know this is obviously much too long. So... what should I do? I will fold them inside the suit and sew them up? Then can I like just bend them over and attach them to the rest of the strap? does that make sense?

Next, what do you sew them with? Can I just use regular thread??? Should I buy like nylon thread? I've heard of using floss??? If so should I like triple it up to make sure it is strong enough?

Thanks so much for the advice!


Check out this thread. It has pictures and everything. I don't think you can reinforce the straps inside the suit; maybe just tack them down.



Here's a video I did on squat suits, hope it answers your questions...


Hey ouroboro,
For the hip tightening... Mine are pretty much huge on me thanks to my massive thighs. So, to take them in did you remove the old seam, or just turn it inside out and sew a seam to take in material? Did you say apholstry thread works fine if you do a triple seam?



The fed you lift in defines the rules for altering your gear. I lift IPF. This is a link to their technical section. http://www.powerlifting-ipf.com/Technical-Rules.50.0.html You will have to dig through for the section on gear altering. If you are IPF, don't remove the old seam, just sew a new one on the inside like the picture I posted in the other thread. I find upholstery thread works well and has a high strength. I can't break a single strand with my hands. You can pick it up at any major sewing store.


I would PM BigSkwatta. He seems to be pretty damn knowledgeable on gear.



Sweet thanks! That totally answered my question! Next one tho... The hips on me are pretty massive. You think it would be ok to take like an inch or even 1.5 off on each side? Or that gonna make too big of a fold? Ever tried that major of an alteration? (BTW I do lift IPF)