How to Thin Gear Viscosity for Subcutaneous Injection?

Hi guys I have some test prop I’m using for subcutaneous TRT (yeah I know, it’s all I could get) and would like to thin it out. I bought some EO but am iffy about using it long term as I don’t know if the source is 100% credible (ebay)

The shots (without EO) leave lumps under the skin - any help or advice would be much appreciated. Warming the oil doesn’t seem to help.

ps - I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, most of mine usually are.


What site and what size needle are you using to inject? First cycle? Also make sure you are injecting slow. I sometimes get some swelling or lumps on LE stuff, but the faster stuff doesn’t give me issues. You can also try different injection sites. I love using an insulin needle and pinning the quads, but it’s personal preference.

As far as the EQ… I don’t know if I trust a source found on ebay.


If you respond well to the EO keep using it. Are you home brewing or just adding it to a readymade vial, without filtering it?

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Thanks for the replies guys ; )

moosejuice0311, I’m using insulin pins SC. This isn’t a first cycle, it’s TRT so it’s for the long term

Beyond_Beyond, thank you, I definitely hear you and might have to get some EO from a chemist to be sure it’s good.

I’m adding it to vet grade test prop 100mg, and haven’t filtered it yet.

Curiously, when I pin EO based gear subcutaneous I get a mild euphoric rush about half an hour afterwards… is this common? Do you think this might be from the EO itself, or could it be affecting the release time of the test?

Are there any other carriers I can cut it with to achieve a similar result in viscosity?

I’m only doing 20mg prop every day, which obviously isn’t a whole lot


Sorry to bump the thread (it won’t happen again), but do any home brewers have any tips on what I might be able to use to cut this stuff down, or possibly direct me to a place which might be able to offer some advice? I’d rather avoid the EO for chronic long term TRT use if possible

Thank you

If you thin the solution you have effectively weakened the solution and still need to inject more mls to get your target mg/injection.
EO or any decent oil used for making a steroid solution will be thin enough to pass through any reasonable gauge without too much problem.
Prop can be quite painful to inject and also with post injection pain. I personally have tried cutting the solution from 100mg/ml down to 50mg/ml, with grapeseed oil. It meant I had to inject 2ml rather than 1ml to get my 100mg dose. I also had no reduction in PIP from the dilution.
Personally I would get some test E, Cyp or even sustanon for TRT. They are usually less painful than prop, and less frequency for injections too.

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