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How to Tell Your Wife You Use Steroids?

Greetings from India
I’m sure everyone has heard about them, but they’re still considered dangerous (which they might end up being if abused of course) and unethical and largely frowned upon, Even more so in India.
And another interesting fact about India is, we have “arranged marriages” . You meet a girl after your families meet and let you “get to know each other,” when you talk to the girl for 5 minutes
It may seem stupid to my Western friends , but here it’s our way of life.
One line question- how to tell your wife you use steroids , and the rest of it and not face imminent divorce🤪

You shouldn’t have to tell her you use because you should have already discussed it way before using and made sure your on the same page.


Depends on how well you know each other. If it’s an arranged marriage and you barely know each other then you have the opportunity to tell her right up front. Use the time to educate her on why you do it, what risks you’re taking, and how it will or will not impact her side of the marriage.

Wouldnt have this issue if you stayed natty. This must be a troll thing because my wife and I are from Bangladesh and no modern South Asian family does an “arranged marriage” the way you described it.

Anyway, if that’s the way it was for you. She’s prolly too subjugated to have an opinion on your steroid use anyway.

This has been covered 100s of times… No benifit too telling her. If yur smart & not a dipshit limp dick & grape nuts can be avoided. Tell her u bought testosterone booster off internet & move on with yur life. Not everything needs to be shared. You dont ask yur wife if u can get on pornhub or go to strip club or do party drugs why ask this. Sometimes its ok to keep stuff to yourself.


Lol this is horrible advice. That’s not how successful marriages work.


Don’t you think it’s very time consuming to educate someone on AAS? For you and some other members with a high level of knowledge, it would be easy to explain it and alleviate her worries. But most don’t have it and just barely know how to formulate a cycle.

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“Hey btw, I use AAS.”

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That’s a very good point.

Even for me explaining was extremely time consuming. I had to go over it many different times in many different ways. Having to explain different compounds etc and it all came with an understanding that at anytime if she saw changes in me she was uncomfortable with I would stop. The respect I have for my wife and her feelings trumps everything.

Now that I think about it my wife is probably more educated on AAS use then a lot of the people on the internet lmao


Maybe but the chances she freeks out is crazy high… When i was married my ex wife found a kit of hgh & went bananas she threw it away… Needless to say i threw out some of her heels as pay back. Almost every bro I know hides there shit. I think only fitness chics in the bb world are excepting… All the others will loose their shit. Most guys are fearful or hate on guys on aas. Just listen to sports radio. They hate us

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That’s my point tho. She should have never found anything. The discussion should have been had way before use.

I see why this is your ex wife lol

My wife is not into fitness. She does modeling so she understands the desire to want to look good but she did not originally agree with my use of AAS. It took months of talks and explaining. I didn’t pressure her or give ultimatoms I simply slowly educated her which then lead to use reading about it together and ultimately lead to her acceptance of my use. As iv said before she isn’t extremely supportive of it but sense she is educated about it she understands the risk and she is confident in my ability to take proper precautions. Her point of view is as long as it doesn’t negatively affect our marriage then why would she stand in the way of something I enjoy?

Had I just ordered a bunch of gear willy nilly and she happened to find it one day that would have been an absolute fucking disaster. Because anyone who is not educated views AAS in a negative light.

Trying to keep something from your wife in a marriage as substantial as steroid use is a horrible idea and almost guaranteed to end in disaster and broken trust and a shit load of explaining.

My wife and I have been together for 7 years before I decided to start AAS. I explained to her the positives and negatives and how I would use them to further my goals. She has a medical background, so I think that helped her understand. Plus, she knows I don’t do any other recreational drugs and barely drink; so compared to what I could be into, AAS is not a problem.

My wife loves when I’m on cycle though, that first several weeks on the first cycle was amazing in the bedroom.

Regarding this arranged marriage: seems like a slippery slope. I would strive to be honest, but that could have severe negative repercussions when telling someone you don’t know. What if she told her family and they told the authorities? But then again this whole arranged marriage system seems terrible to me.

India parents want india babies not mixed breeds that’s why you have arranged marrages.
T abuse and aas use can make you sterile. (((NO Babies))) you tell your arranged wife she tells her parents they tell your parents and you are out of the family will. Get a safety deposit box at the bank and keep it to yourself. Unless you want to be poor with no family the rest of your life.

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Hahahaha :rofl:

I don’t take AAS, but my wife and I watch porn together, have gone to strip clubs together, and we’ve had 2 weekends away from the kids and on both those occasions have done party drugs together. We frequently have each other’s phones for days at a time, and we are well versed in each other’s porn search history. Even if this has worked for you, it’s not sound advice to give someone else.

OP- if you make an attempt to explain it, you could not possibly make her feel worse than how she’ll feel when she finds needles and drugs.

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Exactly this guy allready said his shits not traditional by western standards. I think its great so many guys share everything & have 100% transparency. But this guys in india in an arranged marriage so either he goes old school 007 or just embraces naty living. Imo Probably not worth it unless you want to star in a shitty indian soap opera. Good point about the babies thing bro yea whole squad shits the bed. Yea gainz aint worth horrible poverty & being dissowned get some creatine & forget about the nectar of the Gods.

you are wrong man that every chick except bb world. my wife is a yoga trainer and she is full supportive of me using aas and she even supports me financially to buy aas if i have less budget.

really? i did test cycle without pct and after 3 months i had twin daughters. :smiley:

well once you start banging every day and she asks her friends how often they bang their husbands, shes going to realise somethings up. Then when it stays like that and doesnt cool down,

Be so fucking hyooge that you dont even need to tell her you’re on steroids, she can see it and when she first sees you she says “holy cow” brah.


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