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How to Tell My Doc?


i started seeing an endo about a month ago and had 2 bloodworks taken that showed i have low test at age 21. my test was 98ng/dl. estrogen was w/in range as was everything else tested.

so just yesterday, she started me on my first dose of test cyp. her protocol for trt is 200mg test cyp once per MONTH. how do i tell my doc that this is an awful plan and im going to be on a horrible roller coaster ride and end up feeling worse than before? i simply dont get how the half-life of test cyp is ~8 days yet she seems to think once a month is acceptable!!!


Since you are in NJ you are not that far away from DR overbeck and my self as we deal with these issues. At 21 your dr should have their head examined for commencing TRT with out find out why you are low. Our approach is to find out the reason why you are low and to try to get your body going on its own through manipulation of several factors. We have gotten alot of young guys started by finding out the root cause which can be a variety of issues dr's are too lazy to look into. You would not beleive some of the cause are which actually involves little medical internvetion, but simple suggestions involving lifestyle, and nutrition balancing. PM me.


pm sent. thank you