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How to Tell if You have Rotator Cuff Injury?

hurt my shoulder at the gym today doing incline bench i think i may hve gone to down ion the range of motion.If i have a rotator cuff injury would i not be able lift my arm vertically over my head?I also worked my shoulders two days before that might not have let it heal enough.wondering idf it is seriously injured or not

How to tell if you have rotator cuff injury?

See a doctor or physical therapist / physiotherapist for diagnosis and/or peace of mind.

If you feel like fucking around on your own and self diagnosing tho go with some of these. Also consider differential diagnoses:

If you are even asking the question is probably serious enough to warrant checking in with a professional. Plenty of people tweak their shoulders all the time but stuff like not being able to lift your arm is pretty serious.

Could you please fix this up lel. May or may not be a contributing factor to your injury which will require addressing if you are to avoid future injuries/reinjury.

Once again I strongly recommend seeing a health professional for full examination and treatment.

I can reach my arm, pover my head should of explained that better.I will see a docter tho

Go see a doc. As a guy who piddled around with shoulder pain and mild injuries for years, then had to go through the hell of rotator cuff surgery, I can say I wish I would have gone to a doc sooner and took preventative measures. You’ll never be quite the same after surgery so get in front of that shit.