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How to Tell If Someone Is Natty?

I’d say 90% of the people who you’d think look like they’re juicing probably are, this applies to people who train to look good and people who train for strength. The other 10% are there naturally. I think it’s more of a giveaway with powerlifters who are pretty lean all year round with the upper end of what is above average numbers in all their lifts.

Hmm no it kind of does matter if they’re pretending to be natty, obviously same applies to athletes right? Or is it ok to be an athlete and take the juice just because you’re working as hard as the natural athletes.

If someone is in a controlled environment (sporting team, job ect) where use isn’t allowed there’s an issue… Otherwise who really cares? If some is lying about being ‘on’ the only benefit to me would be a possible excuse when complaining about my lack of hard work in the gym.

Also I’d like to know how you got to those figures. There are people I know who are on and I only know because they are open about use, otherwise its just best guesses and without medical expertise or 1st hand experience that doesn’t equate to much…

I think if they are pushing something (supplement, coaching, etc) on the basis that they got results from it as a natty when other stuff didn’t work for them, then it matters for those purchasing said products/services.


I agree but IMO its false/misleading advertising which Is an issues (not necessarily who’s on what) especially around the fitness industry.
Even with natural trainees (no you won’t look like him taking this one supplement)
What about the years he spend in the gym and his diet.

Protein powder promises so much these days… Lol

The fitness industry IS false advertising.


You are joking right? I always thought it’s a common consensus that he’s on gear.

He is.

These threads are always hilarious.


If you have the urge to waste mental energy wondering about this, simply assume that anyone whose income relies on their physique or physical strength/power is using. There. Problem solved.

As far as actually looking at someone in the gym or on social media and trying to decide whether or not they juice…

“Natty or not” is the lifter’s version of “Could Batman beat Captain America.”


Captain America will only win if it’s an arm wrestling match. In a no-holds-barred brawl, Batman wins hands down unless Capt’s mother is somehow also named Martha.


Captain America would rape Batman. Batman is just a regular guy, Cap is a super soldier.

Superman is a GOD!

None of them are natty


Captain America is not natty, we’ve all seen that giant needle full of the juice.

Batman gears, but he doesn’t juice.


Lol! Ironically, the only natty is probably Superman.

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Last time I checked, the world record for the strict curl was 250lbs.

He’s not natty.


That proves nuttin’.

Batman thought of Henri Ducard (fake natty) as a father figure, and reached for that chi expansion like Moms lifting cars off their children -that’s how Batman curled him up. It wasn’t muscular, it was mental.

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5EF7D82A-9D6A-441A-99DD-381BDD6023F0here’s Batman curling 225 and benching what appears to beat least 585 raw, at around 220 lbs


Here’s captain America benching 1100 raw. Hmm, i wonder I he’s natty?

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