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How to Tell If It's Fake Winny?

In fact all I find in articles and profiles on the net are references stating that the way to tell real winny vs fake is the real stuff is in the milky suspension and if its not it is fake so you asked me to research and I did and I find nothing but articles that tell me that you guys are wrong so Im asking you to prove me wrong is all…Like I said, Im not trying to be a jerk, Im just trying to find something out and be safe.



Obviously you don’t know how these forums work. If you have been around for a while you would know that there are certain people that you can get an answer from and believe them without question. How do you know this you ask? Read through the topics and see who consistently has the best and most knowledgable answers…Otis the whiner.

Hey douchetart, Im not whining…Im trying to get some answers. I completely understand how these forums work…I have been a member of some other forums for years but my favorite forum was shut down so I found this one…Ive been using gear since the 80’s so I know whats what…thats why Im trying to find this out and yeah your probably right that I do not know all the knowledgeable guys on here but the fact is, Im still asking for proof that this stuff is real…thats all, just some simple proof.

And you have been a member since uh…yesterday and you have made 4 posts so what makes you the forum expert??

What makes me a forum expert? I can read!!!

As can I…but you obviously lack deductive reasoning and intelligence as I asked for a little more than just someones opinion soooooo your obviously an expert at being a tard and nothing else.

ballbags? douchetart? tard? You sound like a teenager and you claim you’ve been doing gear since the '80’s. LOL You are just a little kid maybe you should be on myspace, are you lost?

Seriously, is the winny you are asking about oil based or water based. If it is oil based it will be clear as the stanazol will dissolve in oil. If it is water based you will see the stanazol in suspension which gives it that white color (along with another inert substance).

No, Im not a kid…I just get frustrated…it looks to me to be in a water base because it was clear and not thick like oil but to be honest, it could be an oil base. So you are certain that stanolozol will dissolve in oil and UGs make it in an oil base ??? You are certain ??? I seriously have been involved with gear since the 80’s and I swear I have never once heard or seen any Winny in anything but the white milky suspension. Thanks for your help…thats all I was asking for in the beginning.

Cool Bro, peace.

Google stanozolol solution

I have no idea what you mean by “legit labs”. If you are buying from a source, there is no such thing as a legit lab. They are all UG’s.

When I say “legit labs” I mean mainstream gear made in legit factories like QV or British Dragon or Organon…I consider Underground Labs guys who set up their own labs and mix thier own raw powders up. Ever had liquid oral Anavar ?? woooooo that stuff kicks asssss…I love me some Anavar and Primo mix.