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How to Tell If It's Fake Winny?

My buddy got some so called winny from TLabs today…when I went to check it out it was a clear liquid…I have never seen Winny in a clear liquid…every manufacturer I have seen it comes in that white milky solution…does anyone know of TLabs ??

I have seen and used plenty of underground lab gear but never heard of TLabs and Ive never seen winny in a clear liquid…it was also a 10ml bottle which is a small dose for winny…I have always gotten it in a 20-50 ml bottle. Any info. you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


All the Winstrol I’ve ever used was clear liquid.

All of it also came in 10ml bottles.

There’s no set guideline for how UGs make their products.

I wouldn’t think 10ml bottles unusual. I have only used oral winstrol and injectable Zambon which is milky white, I have seen others but never used them

It is my understanding that the winstrol is set in an aqueous solution and it is a powder crystalline form that will not mix in water therefore it cannot be a clear liquid…unless there is some new winny out there , everything I have ever seen is milky white.

I have been around gear since the 80’s and have never heard of clear liquid winny…but please dont misunderstand, Im not saying its not legit gear, Ive just never heard of it so it makes me think the gear is fake…anything you guys can tell me will help a bro out. Thanks,


Oh…I know that 10ml bottles exist I just meant that the dude that sold it to him only sold him 10ml…thats not near enough to do a cycle of winny so thats another indicator to me that its fake…why wouldnt he have told him he needed more ??? Am I over analyzing this stuff ??? Ive just been burned a few times and dont want my buddy to get taken.

Preciate it,


If you have access to a university lab (if you are a chem student or something) I can guide you through several organic analytical experiments (they are fairly simple) including IR and NMR and such (the simple stuff) and some more complex experiments depending on how equipped your lab is.

If not, I don’t have any information beyond that.

Im not a chemist, Im just trying to find out of this gear is fake or real…Ive just never heard of clear liquid winstrol. Also , has anyone ever heard of that lab TLabs ???

I have used legit clear winny in 10ml bottles, but not tlabs.

Im certainly not saying anyone of you are wrong Im just asking questions so please dont get defensive about what I am saying…but I have read every article I could find online about Winny and everything I read says that the way winny is made , its in that crystalline powder and in order for it to be administered , it has to be mixed with an aqueous solution and that it will not mix up…

when you use it like I have done with QV and every underground lab I have gotten it from, you have to mix it up when you use it by rolling the bottle back and forth or shaking it up. The guy that he got it from is now saying that it is not winny but a form of winny but the bottle clearly says stanolozol which really tells me now that we may be dealing with a fake.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated…isnt there a way to taste test the stuff ??? Is winny the one that has a radical chemical taste if you taste it ??

Thanks again,


Research about the differences between “solution” and “suspension”.

The milky stuff is a suspension, and the clear stuff is a solution. Both can and have been done millions of times.

ok…Ive just never heard of it or seen clear winny…so you guys are telling me that 100% certainty that clear winny exists and is not uncommon ??? I just dont understand why your mainstream labs would not make it in a clear liquid ??? Its much easier on you since those damn crystals can get stuck in the needle , cause abscesses and what nots…why would anyone make the suspension ??? Im just curious.

Do some research. It seems like you ask the question, and then question the answer.

What is a mainstream lab anyhow? They are all UG’s and illegal as hell.

I have researched it plenty , for years and this is the only place I have ever heard of anyone saying they have used legit clear liquid Winny. So…yes, I am questioning the answer. What I meant by mainstream lab is like QV, British Dragon…factory made stuff. Sorry if that wasnt clear.

My point is , I dont see why anyone would make the suspension if there is a way to dissolve the powder…see what I mean ??? It makes me question whether or not the two people that said they have seen clear Winny did even have real stuff…every profile that I pull up on google states that winny is a crystalline powder that will not dissolve…if that is true then how can it be a clear liquid ??

So what I was looking for was more of an explanation instead of “yes, I have seen clear liquid Winny” … I hope that clears it up…thank you for your help.


I’d do a cycle.
You should achieve decent results.
the worst case scenario you injected your arse with 50 ml of spring water lol

With everyones experience on here…is there anyone who can tell me FOR CERTAIN that Winny can be legit as a clear liquid ???

I believe rainjack already gave you a definative answer. Can you read?

Yeah I can read smartass but noone has answered my question which is obviously too hard for some of you meatheads. These forums are supposed to be setup for getting people help but dickless morons like you do nothing but come on here and screw with people…rainjacks answer was far from definitive…he merely said to do some research and if you could read you moronic buffoon you would see that I said that I have researched it for a while now and my question has STILL not been answered but fuck it, dont worry about it, its obvious you dont want to do what this forum was setup for TO HELP PEOPLE !!!

I guess when Rainjack told you for certain that it does exist you didnt believe him.
I will tell you that it does exsist as well if it makes you feel better.

And Rainjack…absolutely no offense to you, you tried to help me and I appreciate the hell out of it…its ballbags like Ruthlezz that make these forums suck sometimes !!! I hope you understand what I keep asking and even though you told me about the suspension and solution, I still find no definitive research that Winny can be in a clear liquid solution…

never seen it, heard of it, or find anything saying that it exists so I hope you understand my concern when I want to be cautious for my friend when he is buying it. Just trying to be safe which is what everyone should be when using gear.



Im not trying to be an asshole here but does anyone understand what Im saying…Im glad that you guys tell me that it exists and I dont doubt you but SHOW ME… LINK ME…a picture, an article, anything. Ok here goes, I challenge all of you to show me some clear liquid winny on the net…

Im not talking about a source…Im just saying show me a pic or link me to an article that proves it exists because I find absolutely NADA except for a few of you saying it exists…DAAAMMNNNNN this started as a simple question.