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How to Tell if Humatrope is Legit or Fake?

Hi guys I have got some 72 iu humatrope
I just want to know if it is legit or fake
I heard that there is an Turkish app the you can scan the qr code with it and it will show you the details of your product and it will show you if it is legit
But u couldn’t find it
Do anyone have an idea on how to find this app or how to spot a fake lilly?

There are good fakes and then there are next-level-holy-shit fakes. As I understand it humatrope has more than a few of the latter out there. If your source is reputable then you have to trust them to a certain degree. Poke around YouTube and see if anyone has made a video showing fakes vs genuine. That’s my only suggestion.

I have bought from my source and all of them were original and I checked them online
But this is hgh and it is too dam expensive I spend 560 euros a month for a 144 iu
So I want to make sure they are legit

“İTS Mobil” is the app, search it on store.
If u still couldnt find, write up barcode and serial code and i can check for u.

I got this picture brother
It says that everything OK the bar code showed the exact same information on the box same exp date same bar code no same batch no same serial no same drug name
The problem is that i orderd 2x72 humatrope and both have the same bar code same exp etc the exact same details
Is that is normal?
Here is a pictures

of the second box

Here are pictures for the other box

Parti no (batch number) can be same but barcode must be diffirent on each product i think. Looks suspicious, also exp date is next month of this year. They may put same numbers on every packs about year ago or someting. I dont know but something fishy.

However if its real hgh or not you should feel it.

Ya I thought that too the same bar code was weird but it looks so real from the inside
I have 2 questions brother does it really matter if I use it after the expire date because i read that these kind of meds steroids
Do sent lose anything after expire date
Is the hgh same or no?
Second thing brother if I use it let us say for a month what I can expect from it if it is legit hgh
Like what should I feel and when i well fell it
If u can give me some hints I will be grateful
Best regard

Blood test. That’s how you know for sure.

I don’t think I can mange it because it is so strict here in finnland but in case what test should I ask for
And is there is anything I can notice after using it that well indicate if it is legit and how long after

I dont want to give you bad info.

@studhammer could probably give you better info than me I believe he has experience in hgh.

I do but I’m pretty sure my stuff was repackaged from China

Red flag, my man. Counterfeiters use one barcode and in some cases have used an algorithm to work around the verification process. It’s happened with a few major brands over the last year. They’re getting better and better at scamming people.

So it is legit a scam?
Since am gonna use it anyway for 1 month
If it is legit what can I expect from it?

So brother can u help me with the hgh blood test
What should I ask for

Growth Hormone, Serum.

Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-1)

Should I inject hgh before 1 hour of the blood test?

They make a test kit now for HGH…

Well I have been on riptropin for almost a month
Should I wait for a week or so then use the humantrope then after 5 days get the test done?

In Turkey bar codes are same not different

They are used to auto determine which product it is thus its price

Otherwise that app couldn’t read that because no firm would give all of its products unique id list to a 3rd party app

Also that product’s current price is 1542 TL which means 266 USD

You see same barcod written on products that are sold in our pharmacies

By the way it is sold with minimum restriction level prescription so probably you can purchase it without any prescription in Turkey :slight_smile:

Sustanon has same prescription level and i have purchased all my sustanon without any prescription