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How to Tell Bunk Gear?

how can you tell if what your using is fake? im new ive done alot of research and havent started anything yet in fear of fraud any help?

You have two choices, take a blood test before using and then after a few weeks or sending off to an anonymous testing lab to be tested. Just an fyi, read the stickies above on this forum and on other active lifting forums for the iron lifters out there before doing a damn thing.

It is easy to be snarky to a noob asking a lame first question as you should be far more worried about other issues beyond bunk gear, but I am tryingto be nicer in online communication.

ive done alot more reading on this and other sites than you might think and i have a way to get things tested i just made this bc i knew it would get a response

Pay the premium to buy off of a street level dude that has muscularity to prove his gear.

Purchase an Oral to gauge the efficacy of the brand. Take 75mg of Dbol before a workout, and you will know for sure if its bunk within the hour.

As soon as you go online, the risk is increased. If they accept credit card payment, it is a scam.