How to Target Chest with a Strained AC Joint?

So I strained my AC joint 5 days ago and doing benches and push ups really irritate it. I train powerlifting, but I don’t want to lose any mass in my chest while I can’t bench. What exercises can I do that won’t strain my shoulder? I’ve only got access to dumbells, barbells and some resistance bands.

hate to break it to you… but your best option is resting it. Pretty much any chest movement is going to aggravate it.

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Yeah I’ve tried really light incline flies, DB squeeze presses, push ups with my hands elevated on a bench, and pin presses and all of them aggravated my AC joint. Any kind of deadlift, rowing or pulling movement bothers it as well. The only thing I can do completely pain free is any kind of squatting or leg movement and most core exercises

Yeah just let it rest and blast your legs. Also train unilaterally your good side, it has been proven by research and experience to have a carryover on the injured side