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How to taper for big meet?

My state weightlifting meet is coming up a week from saturday (april 21st). should i make any changes to my program. the two events are bench and clean and jerk. here is the schedule i’ve been following, the workouts usually last me 30-45 minutes each: sunday- dynamic bench, assistant tricep and pec work, lats. monday am-jerks and push presses in the 1-3 rep range (usually 5 sets of 1 of close to my max for jerks , and then a few sets of triples on jerks and push presses). monday pm-squats, quads, lower back assisant work. tues- traps. weds am-max effort bench. weds pm- bench for reps, assistant work for tris and pecs. thurs- shoulders and lats. fri am- cleans and clean progressions in 1-3 rep range (same type of thing as jerks…5x1 cleans, and a few sets of triples for progressions). fri pm- deadlifts, hamstrings good mornings. i know i obviously shouldnt do the friday workouts the day before the meet, but what about the others. should i cut out the pm workouts and assistant work, up the intensity, lower it or what? thanks for the help, Nic

just trying to get this message back up to the top in hopes that JRR or any other knowledgeable powerlifters could chime in. thanks