How To Tame The Nautilus Lower Back Machine?

I like the Nautilus lower back machine. That said, I find it hard to exhaust myself properly. Going too light in weights, the mind muscle connection is phenomenal but it takes a long time to exhaust the lower back. Going too heavy, and you lose the mind muscle connection entirely and make use of auxiliary muscles (legs to balance the heavy weight).

@Ellington_Darden: How did Arthur Jones (or you) suggest using the lower back machine appropriately? Which is the best rep variation in your opinion? Is it better used as a finisher, after good mornings, straight leg deadlifts or similar?

Is this the Nautilus Hip and Back Machine that followed the pullover and dual biceps and triceps machines?

I use the nautilus nitro lower back machine once a week in my routine…2/3 or 4 cadence, second to last exercise in my 7 exercise routine that day

I strive for 8 to 12 reps, possible failure of form is when i stop the set, i add 5lbs when i achieve at least 12…right now i am at 155lbs for 8

start light to medium and gradually work your way up in weight

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We used 8-12 reps most of the time and it was usually a finisher.

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Some misinformed HiT aficionado may disassemble the 1st generation Nautilus lower back machine and reverse the cam. This foolish act destroys this machine’s function!

Statics work well on lower back machines

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