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How to Take ?

Hi all !
Im new here and im from Finland.

I got 28 ml Omnadren 1ml/250mg
22 ml Lyca labs Deca 1ml/100mg
and 500 pcs Russian d-bol 1/5mg and clomifen for the end !

Im wondering how to take these?
This is my third cycle.
Im 185cm and 115 kg and 24 years .


not an expert but i dont think you have enough deca only 2.2g would give you less then 6 weeks at 400mg/week you def have enough omaderne though I would say just go with 250mg 2X a week omadren for 10-12 (with a frontload) weeks depending how you want to run it, hit a frontload. you could jump start for 3-4 weeks with the dbol maybe 25-30mg ED. tell us how much in total MG you have thats a better way to know the ammount you can run. you could just run the omadren though and get great results. what were your last cycles?