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How to Take Trenbolone E?


trenbolone enanate do i have to stack this with any thing like test please help






top right corner good luck


well should i take test with it


It's rude to sign up to a website and make a post without, at the very least, reading the permanent threads at the top of the page first.


they say to stack with test to avoid impotence. but when i took it i was fine. tren is great, what is a lesser steroid going to help? pct was no problem either.
i was really frustrated before i took it and it really boosted me to a strength level that i felt confident with. stalling is one thing, but losing strength i cant tolerate


bonze217 i mean no disrespect just needed some quik advice


creating a cycle should NOT consist of "quick advice". It should be hours of research and learning, youre going to fuck yourself up.


Stack it with tren A

What fucking good is quick advice if you don't know if the advice is good or not? The type of mentality you display is astounding.

You have to do research. You have to understand what is going on in your body when you introduce drugs of this nature. What are you 12? I shouldn't have to ask that because if you read a particular thread at the top of the page you'd have known to include certain information when making a first post.


i'm not taking them for another three weeks i was just looking to get some before its all gone wanted to know if i needed to buy test for the tren e thats all


you dont have to be a dick you could just offer advice or move on


You don't get it, do you?



all i wanted was a little of advice from somebody that knows about this thats all if i knew that no body was going to help me i would have never asked


What these guys are trying to tell you is that you should read up and research these things on your own prior to asking questions. Research past threads related to trenbolone on here and other forums and on the internet. Asking a question like that can easily be answered if you read the forums. If you still did not understand something, then you could ask.

Plus, you gave no insight on past AAS use, proposed cycle, etc.

As BONEZ217 "politely" put it, information is not spoon fed here. People on here are more than willing to help you if you showed a little more initiative to do a little bit of your own research.




And we wonder why Liberals are trying so hard to ban AAS?


Fucking Liberals, ain't gonna take my gas guzzler and illegally purchased automatic weapons. Oh yes, I can it make it rain. OP, what do you expect after we voted a sticky that states certain requirements regarding proposed cycle threads. A AAS protocol isn't based on Quik-E advice.


fuck it. feel good.

it needs stacking with thest enanthate or cypionate.. both long esters like the tren.

you gonna run at least 8 weeks unless you frontload which i dont recommend with tren for you laddie...



you are joking right? since the very definition of liberal is someone that minds their own business. synonyms being, tolerant ,ect