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How to Take This Cycle?

Hey whats up guys? I recently got a hold of sustamed 250mg and nandrolone decanoare 250mg. My question is how much do i take and how many times do i take it a week. Also got tamoxifen 20 mg for estrogen blocker when do i start taking them. Anyone have a cycle i can start doing with this.
Age 24
Weight 195

Top tip of the day: Don’t purchase steroids (especially Deca) until you have a basic understanding of how to use them and how to put a simple cycle together…

What you could do:

  • You have a SERM for an on cycle esteogen blocker which is wrong; go get an AI.
  • You should get some Dostinex/Caber to control prolactin sidea from Deca.
  • Purchase HCG.

What I think you should do:

  • Research everything you need to use,
    in your own time.
  • Look at other “First Cycle” threads, topics and stickies on here.
  • Stop being lazy and expecting someone to help you when you havent even attempted to do any of the above.

Yes i know i got to learn thats why im on here asking before i take anything at all and i have been on here reading but im just asking thats all man.
You say the SERM i got is for a on cycle estrogen blocker. So should i not use it during my cycle?
Why would i use HCG i thought that was for loosing weight?
And what is a great pct then ??

Brother im a lurker on here and far from the most knowledgeable but you clearly have plenty more reading to do before even bothering to ask. Simple reading of the newbie stickies will answer most of this. But anywho, on cycle you want an AI to keep estrogen in check arimidex or aromasin are most common. A serm like nolva CAN be used on cycle i believe if high estrogen sides show, like gyno but SERMs are typically just for your PCT afterwards. AFAIK Hcg is predominantly for maintaining your own bodies test production on cycle and thusly keeping your balls from shrinking up. But seriously, all those questions answered go read, then read some more, and some more still because getting people to correct some very newbie questions does not make you ready to jump on a cycle. I’ve been lurking and reading for a couple years now and am just at this point getting to believe that I want to jump on a basic cycle. Done right this stuff will leave you fine, you screw it up and it can screw up your life.

It’s apparently too late to help you, but for anyone else reading:

The time to ask these questions is before you purchase anything, not before you take anything.

Would this cycle approve or not and why.

1-12 test cyp 350 mg week
1-12 npp 100 mg every other day
1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
1-12 caber .5 mg every 3 days

pct 15-18

clomid 50/50/25/25
nolva 40/20/20/20
aromasin 12.5 mg eod

Do i need a hcg??

use clomid or nolva. not both. they’re less effective when run together.

HCG is up to you. Do you know what it does? If you know what it does, you can determine whether or not you find it to be valuable.

Don’t use the caber. Not remotely necessary for this cycle, and arguably doesn’t need to be in any cycle.

Other than that, it’s fine. My opinion is that a first cycle should be test only (no npp), but since your test dose is so slow, the npp is not so bad.

Thanks bro you helped out.

What if i added danabol 10mg blue hearts to this cycle ?

Hi Flip,

I’m planning to run NPP in my next cycle, something along the lines 750mg test E p/w with 50mg NPP ED.

Please can you elaborate on why you wouldn’t run caber with the NPP? I was intending to run 0.25mg E3D


It’s just not necessary for any cycle, IMO. Something Bill Roberts has been saying for years. Basically, control your estrogen through an AI and caber shouldn’t be necessary at all. I don’t think it’s really going to hurt anything, especially at a low dose, so if you want to run it, go ahead. I don’t really have time to elaborate, but I may come back to this. but just search for bill roberts caber and you should be able to find some info.


Hi Flip,

Thanks for the reply. I think i have come across Bill Roberts talking about this on the forum before - I’ll have a search and read again. I think its the same discussion talking about how genuine Tren doesn’t increase prolactin at all