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How to Take Sarms That Taste Like Ass

there are some sarms like S4 that taste like absolute asshole. it’s like acid mixed with bleach.

Brush your teeth before taking the sarm. it’s the same concept with toothpaste and orange juice. it nuetralizes the taste. I found out by accident.

cool, if I ever decide to take SARMs I’ll keep that in mind, right before I kill myself for being such a pussy

dude s4 is great. take it instead of winny. stack it with some test and tren.

liquid orals are just as bad, sometimes worse. mk677 is god awful as well.

yeah mk677 is really bad! I use the liquid stuff sublingually and it’s the worst thing ever.

Bloody good drug though

Found a couple sites that sell legit capsules, Just have to be careful about getting bunk shit