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How to Take Prohormones Safely at 18?

How to would I take 1-andro finaflex safely? The reason why Iâ??m looking into taking pro-hormones is because Iâ??m a high-school running back and, tore my upper back muscles from doing shrugs without proper form. Its been 4 months ago since it happened, and I still can run or jog without it hurting.

Next year is my last year at highschool and were #2 best in florida state and i need to get back in the game. I need to recover and start training as soon as possible, Im ordering finalex 1-andro but i dont know how to take it. Im turning 18 in less then a month, I know im to young but how do i take it and what are the pros and cons of me taking it?

Google Dave Tate “Playing your Hand” or Playing your ace card something like that.

Where are all these people coming from lately? New Years resolutions? I’m running out of asshole things to say. Lucky you.

Ok. If you know you’re too young then why do it?

Almost none. That’s a fairly weak compound from what I remember. You’d have to to take way more than the recommended dose.

Might mess up your endocrine system. Like I said. Weak compound.
Isn’t going to heal your injury.
Drain on your wallet.

Did you really tear your muscle? Like did you go to a doctor and they told you it was a muscle tear? If that’s so, prohormones aren’t going to help you.

Spend money on a trainer that can help you rehab your injury and get you stronger/faster. A lot of weightlifting programs in high school aren’t great. If you’re doing shrugs so heavy(I’m not sure what you mean by bad form. They’re shrugs for god’s sake.) you’re tearing muscles your routine needs help.

Like jm said do a YouTube search for “Dave Tate on human potential”