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How to Take Liquid D-Bol?


Hey i just got my new bottle of liquid d-bol 50mg from a reliable buddy. My question is how should i take this? He told me to take the dropper and drop it under my tongue. Just looking to make sure this the right way or if there is better ways? thanks guys


Lie on your bed - and with no pants on put your legs up behind your ears.
Take that lil dropper and drip-drip-drop those lil drops right in your anus.

The absorbtion is much better as the tissue is thin and highly vascular, the drug (whatever it is) will hit you within 30-60 seconds.. not as fast as IV but faster than oral in most cases... this is effective with drugs you are wanting some sort of 'hit' or 'rush' from.. but seeing a AAS are a more systemic, chronic type of drug...

then maybe just drink it like yer pal said.


it's gonna taste like absolute sh*t. cut it with orange juice or something acidic. beer works, too.


I'd skip shoving it up your arse.

If you want really fast absorption and the best benefits, get yourself a hemostat, shove it up your pecker to spread it, and then just put a few drops in.

Consider it an exercise in strength and discipline through pain.



false. where are you getting your information sir?


I already took it by itself and it really didnt taste to bad


I didn't know SDI Labs was still in business


I didnt get it from SDI Labs


Im sure it's injectable d (available from many different sources). Take the mgs as you would the tablets on a daily basis.


Uh it's kinda a newbie/lazy question but cut the guy a break. Take it just like you would regular dbol tabs or capsules bro. It's the same thing.


excuse me?


joking bud. i thought you knew me better than that? of course you take the dbol orally. just messin with ya bud. XD


oh, sorry! :wink: