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How to Take L-Glutamine?

After much research, you can imagine the confliction of data and information that will always present itself on the interwebs so I come to my comrads here for advice. I’ve decided to start supplementing with L-Glutamine but I was wondering about the ideal dosages and also the most ideal times to consume it. Some articles and sites claim it should be taken in the morning and pre and post workout, some websites say it should only be taken post workout, some websites say all of the above and also before bed. The recommended dosages vary between 5 and 30 grams daily, 20-30 being the general consensus it seems. Also, some websites claim that it is ideal to take it with creatine while others claim they will interfere with each others processes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

i think L glutamine is good everywhere ! morning, post workout, intra, pre workout, before bed !