How to Take EQ and Test in the Same Syringe?

I’m planning on taking eq and test. I’m a little worried about how to draw exactly 1ml test and 1ml eq.
After drawing the test do I push out the air and then with the same needle draw the eq until the plunger reaches 2ml?

And lastly is changing needle before injecting necessary?

Yes exactly.

Apparently not. Altho I always do. I draw with a 18g and pin with a 25g


You use the same needle to draw Test as EQ or other compounds? Have you ever had any contaminants? Are the compounds suspended in the same oils?

Here’s my thought process I can’t claim it to be the best practice but it’s what goes thru my head.

Im not pushing any air into second vial before drawing so in theory If anything does get into second or third vial it’s going to be trace amounts. If it does and even if the oil is different (which it is) its coming from another sterile vial so it won’t matter.

Now let me give you the problem with my technique. Suppose I draw from test vial and the test vial happens to be contaminated for whatever reason from the person who brewed it. I then draw from mast and tren and later find out I got an infection due to contaminated gear. All those vials are now trash. But at the same time sense I’m mixing the oil in same barrel I would have no way of telling which vial it was even if I did use different needles so they would all be trash anyways or I’d have to refilter them all.

I always draw my smallest dose first for instance test P at 30 mg a day because I need that to be accurate on syringe so that allows me to push back into vial to get accurate number. Then follows the mast and tren as long as I get those close to dose I’m cool. That’s why in my tren a experience post you will notice I always list my tren dose at 50-55 or 75-80 because I’m using same syringe there is always that small margin or error it’s hard to beat when not able to push back into vial

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Draw from vial A. Draw from vial B. Change needle, clear air, inject. It really isn’t complicated. Vial A should always be testosterone. That way the worst thing that happens is you get a tiny drop of testosterone in vial B, which contains whatever it is. But that’s how you avoid contamination of the testosterone, which is the biggest concern.


Does changing needle completely eliminate the risk of contamination? I’m thinking I’ll change the needle after drawing from A and inject after drawing from B without changing the needle.

No. It probably has absolutely no effect of contamination risk as long as your are practicing proper drawing techniques (cotton swabing vial tops)

The biggest risk of contamination in my opinion is going to happen way before you get your gear at the place of where it was brewed and packaged.

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I would change the needle before injecting if for no other reason than that after a couple of fills that original pin is going to be duller than shit. I’d much rather save that harpoon for the next draw and dart myself with a fresh, sharp pin.

ill 2nd that!