How to Take Creatine/BCAA's

Hey guys someone told me to skip the loading phase for the creatine and just atke it at the recomended mateinance dosage? Is that effective or should i go thro with the loadin phase? Also BCAAS, take them as recomended or is there a better way ? Thanks guuys just got my shipment in the mail today and i start monday !

I’ve never taken either of those supplements so I don’t have any first-hand experience, but I can tell you what I have read.

Here’s an article by Dr. Berardi about BCAA’s. It’s really sciencey but it could be useful.

The next article says how Berardi, Thib and CW recommend taking BCAA’s. I’d follow Dr. Berardi’s recommendations for training and non-training days.

This final article is an interview with both David Barr and Dr. Lowery. They seem to agree that creatine loading isn’t necessecary, that 3-5 grams should be taken per day and that on training days it should be taken post-workout.

I hope that helps.

I’m not really a fan of universal but I do reccommend Animal NItro G because it is actually a pretty convenient efficient amino product. Has a delivery system, carbs and a blend of aminos that are pretty cheap. Its the only amino product that I go with nowadays and I take it before I workout…I think its decent for a supp actually.

No need to load creatine. Take bcaas between meals and before, during, after workout. Take creatine after workout.

Thanks for the links they answered alot of questions !

Thanks for all the other replies too !

Oops I forgot to post the link to the interview with David Barr and Dr. Lowery. Here it is in case you still need it: