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How to take 4-ad-ec


Hey, I just got Biotest's 4-ad-ec and was wondering whats the best way to take the liquid to maximize absorption? Should I mix it with water and then drink (I would think by just swallowing a spoonful, some of the liquid will be lost?)? Also, does time of day matter?


you just take the liquid in the little spoon that is supplied. No mixing.


you don't wash it down with anything? so how can you be sure you get the full 200ml down?


Are you slobbering on yourself after you take it?


lol.Um no doogie. When you drink cough medicine, some of it stays on your tongue/in your mouth etc, doesn't it? Am I crazy?


i always found that eating with it helped.....especially the old mag-10


yeah, I just drink a little bit of water afterwards.


It still tastes like cough medicine on, well, steroids... lol

Every time I would take it, just as I was bringing the little ladle up to my lips, my stomach would do a little summersault and a triple lutz. Could never get over that.



Bro if it's in your mouth it's eventually going to end being digested.


What does it taste like? I tried taking Mag-10 with apple juice, as fast as I could slam it... i am a wimp when it comes to taste.


Seadoo it's a lot like Mag-10, but not as, um, spicy I guess..