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How to Take 2 Testogel Satchets?


Good evening guys,

My dose of testogel has just been increased from 1 satchet to 2 per day.

I have been applying it 1 in the morning and 1 before I go to bed, is that the best way?

I do tend to get the gel all over my hands aswell, is this wasting or is it still going into my blood stream?

Thanks for any help


Hands will absorb. You may be getting some on GF!

Please drop this thread soon and stick to the other one so your case, labs and discussion are not scattered and continuity is lost. We will need to look back at material for context.

Inner legs and arms have highest absorption.

Doubling your dose seems a bit heavy handed.

Trivia: Guys with low thyroid function have low absorption or loose it.

[If you stay on TRT, you should be self injecting T.]