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How to Switch to Twice a Week?

What is the best way to switch from once to twice a week? I am currently on 100mg of cyp and it is peaking my T at about 1100. No idea what the trough is but I shoot every Wednesday morning and I definitely feel it by then.

I now want to switch to doing 50mg Monday morning and 50mg Thursday night. Do I wait a full eight days until Thursday and do 50? Do I start on Monday with maybe a little less than 50? I’m sure this sounds like a dumb question.

I know this will be disruptive to my system, and may mess me up for some weeks… I am looking for opinions on the least disruptive way to switch over.

If you have extra just take 50mg 3.5 days after the 100mg shot. If You have exactly 400mg a month then wait until your next once weekly injection and begin 50mg

If you’re injecting 100mg currently, wait seven days and then take 50mg. Wait

3.5 days and take another 50mg, wash, rinse, repeat.

Personally, I would just take 60 every four days and not worry about the half days.

So … How do you feel injecting 1x a week?

Thanks jimmy and myth.

Charlie, I don’t feel great lately, and I think the excess T may be converting to estrogen, plus I’m tired of how I generally feel on Mondays and especially Tuesdays. From Sunday night on it’s like this dead zone just waiting for Wednesday morning. I also get tired every evening no matter how much I sleep. No clue if switching things up will help any of this.

Hoping I can get an opinion. I am at about the 10 month mark for treatment via shot.

It turns out I was very stressed over a different health issue and am now back to feeling much better. I still feel pretty excellent for the first four days and then dip (though not hard) toward the end of my T week and I’m still tired every single evening no matter how much sleep I get. My doc refuses to do any labs beyond total T. He says he’s happy to have me switch to twice a week if I want.

My question: Given that 100mg a week of cyp is putting me over 1100 at my peak, and I’m not really feeling optimal… would it be more worthwhile in your opinion to lower my dose to 90 and do that in one shot each week, or to split the dose at 90… or 100…? I don’t want to play too much with dosing because it takes so damn long for things to settle.

Any information or opinions will help me as this is a fairly specific set of circumstances and therefore not easy to research. Thanks.

You may consider private labs. I know many others have gone this route, including myself. I think I used Privatemdlabs.com. I think you want to order the female hormone panel, around $100. They send you a kit, with an ice block that you freeze. You go to a local lab and pay about $30 for the draw, ship it off, get your results via email in less than a week.

If you’re unable to do that, I think dropping to 80-90 split into two injections is your best bet. I suspect this is an E2 issue, but the labs would narrow it down.

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Thanks TM

Your peak number is fairly irrelevant. Your trough number is the one that matters as far as total T goes. Your free T would tell you a lot, and you are clearly metabolizing the dose quickly as it should be a 7-8 day half-life. Split shot would even you out, but I think your dose is too low. 125 mg a week split over two shots would probably make you feel like king of the world. And I would take my regular dose and then the half dose 3.5 days later. Short term jump in T that would be gone in a week is better than running too low for 2 or 3 weeks for a build-up to new stable.

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Total T numbers are useless, go by free T and your symptoms.

Also, the more frequent you can inject, the better. That’s not coming from me but from some very well respected TRT docs.
I’m currently injecting 22mg daily.

Time for a new doc. That is absurd

Thanks guys. I can say I injected about 120mg a few months back and ended up with crazy paranoia as the shot peaked 36 hours later. I knew I was paranoid but it was definitely a reaction to the T. Basically I could feel whenever someone got within 30 feet of me (say in the supermarket), I was hyper aware of them like they were following me. I knew it was just a feeling. Totally new symptom for me, never happened before or since. So I think that was too much in a single dose.

In general, the T has had a calming effect on me. On my regular dose, I sometimes get buzzed like on caffeine but without the anxiety.

I’d love to know my trough and my free t. Pretty sure I could get my doc to test that at least. I’d love a new one but he manages my other things well. It’s just a shame they and he are so uneducated about male hormones. But I think I’m going to make the switch to twice a week regardless. As far as symptoms I feel pretty great for four to five days, with the exception of the predictable tiredness that hits me every single evening.