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How to Survive in a Two Weeks Interruption


Hi guys!

For personal reasons I have to go to the countryside and arrange some family issues. And that will come in the middle of one 5/3/1 cycle (life is what goes on between 5/3/1 cycles I guess!!). I have to be there and there we only have to 16kg kettlebells, not much!

So, my two weeks there match my my second and third week of the cycle. First week I can do it in Madrid. How would you do it? I was thinking in doing the first week normal, then the second and the third do everything with the kettlebells (something like, I don't know, 20 reps), and then back in Madrid start again the 1st week, without increasing weights. Sounds logic?


Personally I would just rest and enjoy your time away, start back on 5’s day when you return.

I tore my right shoulder and had it fixed June last year, found out my left was also tore and had that fixed in Sept, in Feb found out it tore again and had it fixed. So I’ve been shelved until 6 weeks ago when I started SSB squatting. Actually today is my first day back on 531 since that June (no pressing or DL allowed yet).

Anyway, long story short, my legs are 3/4" larger than last June (yes I measured all before 1st surgery, I wanted to have composition goals to get back to) and squat is down 80lb from 485. Two weeks isn’t going to make a dent.

Take the two weeks to come back revitalized and probably stronger. This is coming from a person who practically had to be tied down to not workout during the week before a meet.


Dude… Madrid! WTF are we talking about training? Just don’t sit on your ass all day long, come back fresh and destroy it.


If you’ve been consistent (90%+ compliance over past 2 years, at least) - enjoy the time. If not, find a way to do something. It doesn’t have to be much as a little bit can go a long way. Just be sure to enjoy your time.


So I’ll do some kettlebell just to not lose fit, as long as I’ve had holidays and I did absolutely nothing. I’ll move, enjoy and rest, and play with the KB’s :slight_smile:


There you have it from the man -
FYI - If you are worried about doing the first week and then traveling during the second and third, I was in the same situation in June - interestingly enough I went to Barcelona - and the week before I left I used the “Spinal Tap” variance so I wouldn’t have to split a cycle - I just did the one I was in in a week. It beat me up enough so that I kind of needed the 2 weeks:)
If you are sick like me - give it a try


Hahaha, that sounds great! Right now I’m not at home, but for sure later I’ll check de Spinal Tap in the book and it might be a good choice :slight_smile: