How to Suppress T for TRT Testing

I’ve finally been referred to an endo for possible TRT, which I’d like to go on. I’m 50 years old and have been at the very low end of the range for 15 years which so far hasn’t been enough to convince my GP to refer me. However, in my last test I was below and I kicked and screamed till I got the referral.

Now the endo is going to want to run another test to make sure I am actually below the range more than for a single sample. I don’t want to risk it, having come this far, so I’m thinking of “cheating” a bit before the test. Would it work to take for example LGD-4033 for two weeks and then stop for a week before having blood drawn, in that it would suppress my natural T just enough to be below range but not overly or suspiciously so and at the same time not leave any other trace of it having been used?

This may seem a bit extreme but the rules for getting TRT where I live are very stringent and conservative, not to say obsolete.

Don’t sleep the night before. Try to go in later in the day. Drink some booze. Eat some Donny’s.

Drink tons of caffeine and grab the remote for your DVR and don’t plan on falling asleep. Your testosterone declines after exercise, but recovers later.

Drink a solution of 50 to 70g of sugar 1h before the blood draw. It will reduce your T ldvels by 30%.

Put an elastic band round your testicles

I would be afraid this could cause damage.

Yeah, it probably would.

LOL thanks! Not sure about the rubber band around the jewels though, castration seems a bit extreme :smiley:

I’ve also heard that Tramadol lowers serum T right after intake, think I’ve got some of those for my back, although they may have expired now…

OK, sleep deprivation, sugar, tramadol, booze, exercise… anything else? I need to test in the morning at 9am unfortunately, as per endo’s instructions and they make a note on the test. Not sure I get “Donny’s”, dunkin’ donuts…?

Would these things be enough though to bring me below 300 range (I’m typically 320 baseline) or to be on the safe side should I do what I suggested about using Ligandrol for a couple of weeks to suppress natural production and then come off say a week before drawing blood?

I have a giant bottle of tramadol from 10 yrs ago when you could buy it online without a script and it still works. Not sure about it’s effect on T levels but real opiates definitely lower testosterone.

If you don’t mind paying out of pocket a telemedicine clinic will prescribe you basically regardless of your natural testosterone level.

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Drink, no sex, no sleep, lot’s of LISS cardio, go in the afternoon, eat vegan.

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This, if you’ve have to go to this trouble to get started, you probably won’t be happy in the long run.