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How To Support T-Nation?


I hate to sound like a kiss ass but I have received so much help thru this site I really feel like a mooch or bum. Is there a way a gratefull member can make a donation? Anybody or mod w/ info please pm me.


Ahhh.... buy something?


Buy Biotest supplements would be my best guess.


Order supplements from T-Nation.


On top of buying their supplements, maybe constantly refresh your page whenever you visit the site so it gets more hits.

You can also give them unique hits by logging in as different people from different computers.

If that doesn't work for ya, you could also just send money to the people on here with the most posts. Maybe start with the guys with 4000+ posts???

If you have a paypal account, I can give you my email address.


Dude that is just so wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Donations should be directed to the most needy members.

OP, please send your donation to me and I (unlike SWR) will ensure it goes to the neediest members. You will also receive a thank you note in my, I mean the needy persons handwriting.


How to support T-Nation:

Good: Order Biotest products.

Better: Spend time in the Beginners section passing along some of the knowledge and encouragement you have received to those who also need it.

Best: Spread your enthusiasm for lifting to friends and bring them along to T-Nation; urge them to then adopt the first two methods.


1) Be a responsible "Internet Citizen".

2) Support the guys, as best you can, when "bashed" on other sites.

3) Above all, purchase supplements. This is the "engine" that keeps things going.



Err, buy supplements...

Biotest makes profit and you get supplements - it's a win-win.


Why has no one mentioned buy a t-shirt? Money goes to Biotest and it gets the name out there!

Just don't do anything stupid like squat rack curls while wearing the shirt...


You're right. I now see the error of my ways.


Okay, you can send me the money, and I promise to distribute it evenly.


That, my friends, is some good stuff.


Make Metabolic Drive the secret ingredient of your life.

Or buy the authors books.

Get that $150 DVD set in the online store.

Replace your suck t-shirts with T-Nation T-shirts.

Send in an article about how you gained 60 pounds of muscle using a regiment that others can follow.

Get a T-Nation full chest tattoo.


That reminds me...I have a job now... I need T-Nation supplements and T-shirts. TO THE Biotest PAGE!!!