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How to Successfully Do a Cutting Cycle? (2nd Ever Cycle)

Hi, i completed my first ever cycle recently doing 10 weeks of Test-Cyp 500mg/week and added some T-bol and Proviron towards the end.

Completed PCT of 5 weeks of Nolvadex.

While I wait a bit, I am left suprised at how much smaller I have become once the juice left the system…

My body looks worse than before I even hopped on in the first place IMO.

I just remember having too much bloat, especially in the face.

This time I am thinking about reducing the test to 250/mg in hopes of eliminating the need for an AI altogether, and add perhaps winstrol or clenbuterol for cutting? …

Please help with any recommendations. Thanks!

What’s your age, lifting experience, height weight? If you look worse after your first cycle you didn’t have your training and nutrition dialed in.

Did you use an AI? Bloat in the face sounds like your estrogen was too high.

Figure out what went wrong in your first cycle before thinking about running a second one.

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thanks for the reply…

I was using Arimidex 0.25 EOD and still had bloat, and seemed to even almost crash my E2 a few times, even though I didn’t actually get tested…Just symptoms members talk about here and even recommended not taking an AI at all…

age is 36, about 5 years lifting, 5’11 195 pounds.

What do you recommend for cutting?

This is why you need mid cycle bloods. Crashed E2 and high E2 sometimes have overlapping symptoms.

I recommend you use diet and cardio to cut. Steroids build muscle, they don’t burn fat. Save the next cycle for a bulk and this time make sure your estrogen is dialed in and you are doing bloodwork.