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'How to Structure the Year' Plan?

Hi Christian, I found a post long ago, where u said how structure ur year (few months for strength, performance,etc… ) but now i cant find it.
I like bodybuilding, powerlifting, Oly and athletics, but I get bored easily.
How can structure the year for a natural guy?

Are you talking about “Four Seasons of Lifting” maybe? Great series, even though it didn’t see completion. Alas.

Anyway, that exact way should be pretty good, no?

  • Autumn: bodybuilding.
  • Winter: powerlifting.
  • Spring: metabolic conditioning or Olympic lifting .
  • Summer: track and field.
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Yes, it is. Thanks for help!
Maybe is a good plan for crossfit and for people like me, that want to improve in every aspect.
Some tips or program from Thibaudeau for metabolic, olympic lifting, track or crossfit?

Read Part 2 of the article. Input “Four Seasons of Lifting Part 2” into your favourite search engine.

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