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How to Structure My Training?



The last ~month i have been training like this:

Mon: ME Upper Body + 10 x 30 m. Hill sprints
Tue: 14 km. interval running
Wed: Lower body (FSQ, RDL + "assistance" and grip) + 1 hour swimming
Thu: 8 km. tempo running
Fri: Rep Upper Body
Sat: 21 km. running
Sun: Off

Do i need more rest? Could i structure this different? Am i just a n00b who could learn from "less is more"?
I would like to run and swim more, but people tells me its to much, but is this allready to much?

My goals are primary to run marathons fast, have a great condition, and as good strength i can get with all this cardio.

Hope you guys have some inputs, since im pretty new to structuring my training. THanks in advance.


I assume my traning-week looks ok since no one flamed me yet? :slight_smile:
I guess i just continue to work out with this then!


I have thought running clinics and I've been working out for over 25 years.

That program, well, sucks.

This is a conditioning BB forum, not a marathon forum. I can give you a work out to get stronger, but you need a running template for your marathons. Go to runners world or some other running place. I have some here, but I charge (yes, I take Paypal).

Hint: You need to do tempo runs, for one thing.


Read his program again, he does do tempo runs.

OP, you need to decide what you're training for. You're either doing too much running or too much weight training.

If you want to run so much, check out Joe Defranco's in-season program. Lifting twice a week only - it's enough for athletes who are going hard at their sport (assuming running is you "sport").


Yeah, my bad. The meaning was lost in translation. (I'm french)

He is doing way to much accessory work. Hill, tempo and sprints in the same week is too much. He still needs to put in the mileage.

Anyhoo, his training program is shit. I love DeFranco's program, but have never tried it for marathons. Love it for shorter distances (5-10 KM's), so he could try that and let us know.

But, he SERIOUSLY needs a running program.


Agreed mate. I'm an ex-runner myself (though nothing more than 21 km).

Defranco's inseason program is great for those who want to maintain muscle while training for/competing in another sport. It's just 2 days a week of lifting (or even 1 when your other training is extremely intense). What the OP seems to be doing is based on the WS4SB template - WAY too much based on all the other hard training he's doing.