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How to Strengthen Shoulders, Triceps, and Forearms?

im still recovering from my injury last year im still on theraphy, just want to know some opinion from you guys here in the forum…

i have a radial forearm fracture and i cant still straight my right arm fully so when i workout i use dumbbells a lot… how to strengthen my triceps and shoulders cause when im in theraphy thats where my PT focuses and aswell in the forearms but mainly in shoulder and triceps… what exercises should i do? even i cant straight my right arm?

Sounds like you have some nerve impingement and muscle restrictions. Its important first before any of the workouts to assess why the muscle isnt able to fully extend, flex, abduct, and adduct. You can still get good tricep workout without full extension but eventually that will cause further muscle imbalance when you dont bring the muscle through its full length of range of motion. Theres lots of good videos on Youtube in regards to rehab after forearm injuries.