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How to Strengthen Legs Without Weights?


In Season I don't go weight rooms. I think I need to strengthen my leg muscles(Quads, Hamstrings, Hips, Calves, Hip Flexors). Anyway? What is your suggestions?

Looking for exercises like glute ham raise, in a sense hard exercises.


In season for what?



I'm an sprinter that run 100m to 400m. I think you understand what i mean when i say season..


Box jumps, long jumps from a stand still, vertical jumps, run up stairs. Maybe get a sandbag? Find a hardware store and grab a 50 pound bag and wrap it with duct tape and then you can do all sorts of stuff.


In season is not the time to try to improve your leg strength. That is what the offseason is for.

In season would be the time to practice your starts, running technique, perform practice races at different lengths and intensities, and other more sport specific skill sets.


But how much would you lose if you didn't lift at all? I would lift one day a week if I was a sprinter... I am assuming most of his meets are going to be a weekend thing maybe start on Thursday or Friday... I don't think it would be a bad idea to do some lifting early in the week... obviously he should stick to things that wont tighten up his muscles but things like RDL's and SLDL can help with power and endurance in the posterior chain...


I didn't mean for him to not lift at all (actually he said that he doesn't lift in season, not me), but instead that his focus in season should not be on trying to gain strength (which was his original question). He could probably do some strength maintenance work in season, but it's not like his legs aren't going to get trained at all (being a sprinter).


you in high school or college?


Yes, I know what "season" means. I just wanted to know what you are in-season for.



I would assume high school because a college track program would tell him what to do with all of this...


so would high school.. curious as to why ask online here when you have a good high school or college coach..


Some high school coaches are very questionable... Or they are good at one type of athlete... I know my high school track coach used a lot of the workouts from Baylor so our 400 meter guys were top of the line... Mile relay won just about every meet they ever entered and went to state all four years I was in high school...

A few times our JV mile relay would have finished second... But most of the other events were not as good, the throwers and long distance didn't even have a coach watching us most of the time...