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How to Store Test Cypionate After Opening Ampoule?

Hello folks,

In my country I’ve only found test cypionate in 200mg ampoules. They expect you to use the whole dose upon opening. Since per KSman instructions, we should use 50mg 2x per week, after I open an ampoule, how do I proceed storing the remaining? Can I draw the 200mg in four syringes and store on the fridge?

On a side question, the 50mg will be on 0.5ml excipient of Benzyl alcohol/Benzyl benzoate/Peanut Oil, is that the same on US? Instructions on the manual says IM injection, can I still inject that as SC?


Yep. Just pull to 4 syringes and cap with sterile needle. Wrap them in plastic or use a minigrip bag. Storage your preloaded syringes needle pointing downwards and room temperature is just fine. You dont keep your ampulles in fridge don’t you?
Benzyl alcohol and bezoate are standard germ killers in every IM- product. Same in the US and for example in northen europe where I am at.
I personally use Aspen pharmas Sustanon’250 SQ and it gives a tiny irritation to me, and it is the peanut oil. I have tested an other product with grapeseed oil and worked fine.
And the short answer is that your product is good to go SQ :+1:

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Thanks a lot krocco for the quick follow up!

I haven’t started yet, that’s why I am checking beforehand. Thanks for the tip, I will keep them outside the fridge. :smile:

light destroys testosterone. Just FYI

Sorry for waking up the thread again.
I am in the same situation.
So does that mean after pulling the test into syringe then put a new cap on the syringe and store them in a minigrip bag and somewhere in the room where there is no light right?

I bought a vial, and just dump the T in there and draw from it regularly, much more simpler.

Preload several syinges, put them in a drawer, or wherever. Light bothers B12, it’s not going to bother testosterone.

Also a good idea Thnx guys

That’s not what my insert says. It says light degrades testosterone right on the information pack with the test.

No mention of that on mine, and I just looked because I was loading needles. Of course, I’m in Central America…Either way, in the drawer would be fine.Mine are in the cupboard in a cup, needles pointing up, and no issues.