How to Stop TRT Without PCT?

If neither of the 2 dr with rx me an AI or SERM I will be forced to quit TRT injections. It seems alot of drs are prescribing TRT without any regards to estrogen conversion . It’s too bad they don’t realize treating low T is alot more involved then simply adding T . My situation is fairly typical - I have undersized testicals and produce lower than normal T levels . I have not had any low T symptoms though in past .

Dr offered to let me self inject 100mg T weekly to bring up levels. I took the offer ( not realizing adding T would probably mean a rise in estrogen after conversion ) I developed ED and sensitive nipples . I suspect dr will not rx An AI to me - he said it is un needed at beginning of this . MY QUESTION: if my dr offers no help and I want to stop TRT- what is best way to do it - also if my dr refuses any clomid or tamoxifen for restart - what type of tapered dose schedule should I follow to buffer the ride back to normal ( I have been on TRT for 8 weeks )

8 weeks is nothing I was on for 5 months and tapered off just a little and stopped. I would think you need to get that E2 in a normal level though before dropping off…

Or. You try a serm restart using clomid or nolvadex but again you will have E2 issues and ITT estrogen could increase.

Can you make one thread and keep your info in it.

We know very little about you and that makes it hard to help you.

Make a profile of some sort

Thanks for input - when I taper off is there a point at which the input of T is equal to output of T - in other words if I was to inject 50mg T every 2 weeks will my body begin to make some of its own without any other help ?

No… You will shut down.

See I don’t really understand the whole taper deal with testosterone at normal range amounts. The T will leave your system slowly tapering off anyways until you are at zero and then Your body should take over and produce Lh and I’m sure your testies will come back online.

I did it but only down to like 75 mg per week and stopped… It took a good three weeks for me to get to nothing then I shut down for a couple days I felt worse then I already do and then I felt a little better day by day. Lh is still on the low end but it was before trt also.

Try and lower that E2 though I was in a different spot my E2 was 20 when I stopped

I have to say I have heard of some people shutting down harder then I did