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How to Stop Insane Sweating?

This might be slightly off topic but looking for some feed back from more experienced people. I am now 41 years old and for as long as I can remember always have sweated much more than most.

In my 20’s I was in single digits for body fat and if I was golfing or out in the sun sweat world pour off me. To the point that my shorts and shirt would get water logged.

At 21 I didn’t give two craps but at 41 there are times where this becomes an issue. I had a work function and had to wear a suit. It was somewhat humid and I could feel the sweat starting,… this created a sense of dread and next thing I know I am dripping in sweat. My blue shirt looked horrible.

I am now on vacation and it is muggy… I immediately bead up at the pool… my fiancé laughed and said omg… you literally have a puddle of sweat around you… it was dripping off me. I have seen obese people sweat like this but the only fit person I’ve ever seen sweat like I do is tiger woods. Is there anything I could do to stop this??? Or is this part of my dna? All blood work is perfect… no health issues at all.

I remember playing youth basketball at the Boys Club with 8 foot rims when I was in early elementary school, probably around 8 years old. The coach singled me out for my effort because of my sweat output. “You guys should all be sweating like twojar over there”, or something like that.

Moving further north is your only real hope.


Certain Dri antiperspirant.
Get this. Use it as described (at night, when you’re not gunna just sweat it all out…it’s gotta get into your pours).

If this doesn’t work, go to a doctor. Seriously.

I feel you, I gotta seriously limit any outdoor activity in the summer and I’m fairly “up north.” The above used 3x/week keeps me okay though.

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I endorse the doctor idea.