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How to Stop Good Morning Squat?

Yeahhhh. I high-bar squat. I keep leaning forward I don’t know why. No matter what i do, high-bar and low bar I can’t progress. I switched from low bar to high bar awhile ago for better form. Why won’t my body let me squat.

It’s the ascend the struggle with

Post a video of your squat. It could be a million different things.


:frowning: the weight room closed for the school year. There is my strength and conditioning class but we’re not allowed phones.

Why not ask the leader of your class to give you advice on this?

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Are you allowed to talk to the coach?

I don’t feel the coaches can teach it. I think they only have basic knowledge of squatting but can’t point out technique faults

Without a video:

Hips and chest need to rise at the same time.
Drop the weight and work on the technique.
Do pause squats and hammer those quads and core!

Your squats won’t look like these guys, but just watch their motion. You’ll see what I mean by hips and chest rise at the same time.

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My squats look like thisimage

I noticed this while squatting today

  1. Ask your coaches. It won’t hurt. If it doesn’t fix it.
  2. Go to squat university
  3. Have a look for the article on fixing your squat. It has a bunch of tests to find out what’s wrong and remedies.
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Well least I still got my deadsimage

Why are asians kings at squatting?

Record yourself in this gym. If they stop you, ask that they instruct you on how to fix your problem. If they cannot, continue recording your form.

Don’t go by feel.


Hand picked by their government to represent them based on their weight and proportions.

As far as your issue goes, lower the weight, hammer your technique, add in pause squats, pin squats and upright close stance squats. Front squats or ssb squats as well as goblet squats done at a slow tempo will go a long way. Do you wear heeled shoes? These can help as well if your ankle mobility or leverages are the main issue. Also, what is your current squat max and working weights?

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Current working weight is 215 lbs. Going to be 225 next week. I have heeled shoes my form just sucks

Yeah it’s just a technique issue then man. I’m sorry, but without a video it’s real hard for people on the internet to give you advice outside of the exercise lists and such above. Best thing that helped me cue wise was to think of almost throwing the bar off your back backwards while coming out of the hole.

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So it’s supposed to be kind’ve a humping movement out of the hole?

No. I believe I heard this on a Dave Tate video about squatting awhile back. I don’t want to tell you too many things and mess up anything you’re currently doing. Best advise would be to look up videos and practice. At a 225 squat, you still have a lot of time you need to put in under the bar. I’d also advocate for pushing goblet squats. They help a lot with people who do not have the best squat technique and are great for building core, quad and back strength necessary for good high bar squats.


Body mechanics play a huge part. If you have long femurs and a short torso you will have a hell of a time trying to emulate olympic lifter’s high bar technique. That said ankle and hip flexibility are big players. Personally, I prefer low bar and I use front squats if I want quad emphasis.

Many lifters have significant forward lean and it’s just part of their movement. Clarence Kennedy does a big forward lean in his high bar squat.

I agree with everyone else in that you should record your lifts. Even if only for your own review.

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A video is crucial, but with little to no info, I’d blame the high bar position. At 6’ tall, mobility can be an issue when trying to hit parallel.

You’ve mentioned dealing with “buttwink” before, I think the forward lean could be a compensation to avoid that problem. Check this article for more tips.

Barring significant physical injury, the human body can squat. Drill unweighted squats, 3rd world squats, and goblet squats. Play with foot width, lose the heeled shoes (they’ll adjust form on their own and change the learning curve. You don’t need them now. Note that this is also mentioned in Point 6 of the article linked above).

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