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How To Stop Friend From Using


I have a friend 5'11" 170 pounds 20 years old, who is related to some of my family, that wants to use Test 200 for a 10 week cycle. He said he got it from a couple of guys he works with who are both jacked, for $60. I haven't seen the actual product but I can't believe this would be real or enough for a cycle. I don't know much about roids other than from what I read here on the nation but I told him he was an idiot.

Last night he came to me and asked if I knew how to take it and when I started to ask him questions about his plan it was pretty clear the guy doesn't now a thing about what he's trying to do. I guess he see's me at 6' 215 and thinks I should know something about this shit. He had no idea of the side effects, how to inject himself or where, what to do to get big (workouts), PCT and anything about nutrition.

I pretty much told him he was way to young and small plus he doesn't even regularly lift so I told him what made him think he would lift while on them. I think he saw those pussy's on MTV doing roids and figured that if his buddies did it and those idiots did it he too can do it and have a visable chest and bi's.

I think that if I try to help him with a program and some nutrition from T-Nation he would probably be better off than with the juice but I don't think he's deciplined enough for any of it, he sure as hell doesn't squat or do any deads and I don't even think he knows what deads are. Definetly not the roids but I'm sure he's probably going to do it anyways regardless of what I say.

Does anyone know how much a 10 week cycle of test goes for?


t2 in mex is about 40 bucks. Im sure people will drop in with their own ideas on the cycle itself


That's a tough one bro.

You say he's related to some of your family, does that mean he is family? It's kind of a shitty move, but you could always tell his parents.

IMO, 20 is pretty young, but if someone has trained for three plus years,has researched and is smart, then that's somewhat ok.

But in this case, you might just have to blow him the fuck out of the water. Hope someone can point you in the right direction.



Tell him he has to inject Calves. . . he probably won't do that twice. . .



Howdy bro, this can be a tough issue to really describe to someone who has already made a decision to use.

I will start with the obvious, he is w-a-a-a-a-y to young to be using anything outside of his own body. At his age, he has more than enough natural testosterone to build a great physique.

I will not go into issues with side effects, as those can be remedied with proper care and correct knowledge (with which his has none).

All you can do is try to convience him that in order to create the type of "body" he wants, he must start with small steps--otherwise his attempts will be futile. Remind him that even after a cycle of AAS, since he doesn't already have a strong foundation in proper nutrition and training, he will (not likely--but will) lose all if any of his gains. There is not much more one can do, but prepare him for less than lack luster results.


Sounds like he thinks roids alone will get you big. Tell him, roids don't make it easier to get big... if anything you have to do twice as much lifting to actually reap the benefits.

I'm sure the guys on here who are experienced with the stuff will take exception to my barely-educated opinions, but I think this is a nice simplification for somebody who doesn't know what he's doing.

Also, yeah, he's WAY too young. Hell, maybe just show him this thread... doesn't sound like he's got any supporters thus far.

Good luck.


Yeah thanks all. He's not related to me but to the other side of my cousins family. He was at my house last night and I asked him where he was working out and he said he hadn't worked out since last summer. I then laughed and told him to sign up with a gym first and work out consistantly for a while before he even thought about fucking himself up. I made it clear to him that he wasn't ready for it and should really think things through before he considers it again.

I think he's decided I was right and won't do them. I also told him to go see my buddy who owns a gym and pay for some personal training from him instead of spending it on roids, it will probably get him better results. We'll see what he does. I might even help him myself.


so.....wheres the test? I'd steal it from his dumb ass and put my own cycle together : )