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How to Stay in Shape?

I have done Starting Strength and I am currently doing 5/3/1. I gained at least 10 pounds of weight this summer (since I just finished my service in the Finnish army, I was really skinny).

My problem is that with each kg of bodyweight I get my waist will grow with 1cm. I really don’t want to be the 160-pound-diet-guy, but I feel uncomfortable carrying more fat than what I have atm (waist measurement 84cm). I see a lot of the advice being “just eat a lot and make sure you recover”, but how do you deal with the fat? Is it smart to keep the weight (aka recomp), or should I ignore the fat until I’m at a certain weight?

Stats: 20y/o, 160 pounds, 176cm (about 5’8). My goal is mainly strength, but don’t want to be skinny or fat either. Also I’d say that the vast majority of my bodyfat is stored in my gut, which makes me seem heavier and fatter than I am.

add little bit of cardio and A LITTLE less food if you think you are gaining more fat than you would expect.

Some fat gain has to happen, but for people who tend to have fat distribution similar to yours(and mine, fat around the waist and legs), respond to cardio better than those with fat distribution in arms shoulders etc(this statement is obviously open for discussion but I’m referencing things I’ve heard Eric Helms say)

Add a run or two a week to your current routine and keep banging away.

Are you counting macros at all? You might simply just be over-eating.

In the end, it is up to you whether you want to eat eat eat and then cut, or eat(lean), eat(lean) eat(lean). It’s your decision. Both ways work, it depends on what you, voi vittu, feel comfortable doing.

[quote]Claudan wrote:
Both ways work, it depends on what you, voi vittu, feel comfortable doing. [/quote]


Thank you for your answer. I was just a bit confused since most articles for beginners usually state something like “a 160-pound, skinny beginner should eat at least 5000 kcal/day…” And I never got near that kind of eating (I would estimate 3400-3800 kcal/day).

While gaining that mass I was running hills two times a week (now replaced by jujitsu) my condition and strength has never been better and I thought that as long as I keep improving those two I don’t need to be so picky with what I eat.

Well I’ll try to get my nutrition smart Sigh. I kinda hoped that I wouldn’t need to count calories since I’m not competing in physique shows or anything… Well I guess if it was easy, everyone would be strong and look great.

for a start clean up your carb sources