How to stay hard

Hi everyone!
I’ve been wondering, are there any ways to give yourself longer staying power in bed? Frankly speaking, I don’t last as long as I would like to, and I don’t have access to Stay Hard creams where I live. Any excercises that could help? I’ve also been thinking about poping a few D-bol tabs a few hours before sex? Any suggestions?


Try this…
STEP 1…just before the big moment, do what it takes to get you hard - looking at porn mags, looking at Kelly Hu, etc, etc, - when barred up, procede to step 2.
STEP 2…stick wooden skewer down the eye of your dick
STEP 3…place a hose clamp ( the one’s that are used on your car’s heater hose should be about the right size)around the shaft of your dick, right under the head. Tighten the hose clamp until your knob turns purple.
STEP 4…place a second hose clamp around the base of your shaft and tighten till the shaft turns, well, purple. BTW, be sure to get steps 3 & 4 in the correct order, because if you tighten a clamp around the base of your dick first, you will inadvertently shoot the skewer right out of your dick, which, of course, could injure someone.
STEP 5… trim the skewer to length - cut off the bit that’s hanging out of your cyclop’s eye. Nail clippers will work just fine.
STEP 6…Bang that bitch till she screams for mercy.

This is how we do it down here in Australia, I see no reason why it won’t work wonders for you.

LOL…damn man…shits fukked up.

Reforvit B and Viagra. Take on an empty stomach as fat fucks with the desired effect of viagra. The reffie b is best done in a gel cap because it tastes worse that those old liquid amino acid mixes used to.

stop banging ugly chicks

I got great results from just a few regular cardio sessions a week.

You could try infecting yourself with a really nasty retrovirus or something. Even a common cold germ will increase your stay in bed time. I find that my staying-in-bed power is directly proportional to the severity of the disease in question, so my advice is to go for the most heinous disease you can think of.

Good luck.

From what I heard, people are premature due to week pc muscles on the dick. Go the the askmen website to learn how to strengthen these muscles by doing a search on kegel excercises.

What do you call a guy that can masterbate with both hands? A: Ambidicktrous. Braahahahahah. I’m sorry that was vulgar and totally unfunny. :slight_smile:

I thought that if you use both hands it was considered a menage-a-trois

No thats a menage-a-moi.

6 grams L-argine with 3grams choline and 1 gram B5 about 1 - 3 hours you’ll need to experiment before sex. Nitric Oxide levels increase with the L-argine and the choline and B5 atre co-factors, its natural and works. Also try Horny Goat Weed by Pinnacle and Perinium exercises. Help that helps sure works a treat!