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How to Start Strongman: 10wk Crash Course

In mid may of 2010 I rallied up a group of athletes from various backgrounds to compete in a local strongman competition. Here is the video and results of 10 weeks of hardcore training under the guidance of Pro Strength athlete Marshall Ennis:

Watch the previous videos to see how we developed as a group, an see how we made the transition into the sport.

Hey that was a great video. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I cant believe nobody has commented on your post yet. But I enjoyed watching it and appreciate your sharing it. Cool Video Bro.

Agreed, I watched this yesterday. Very cool video, and very cool concept. I would like if something like this was done around my area.

Thanks Gents! Appreciate it! Lots more to come, we just moved into a larger facility, and our group has expanded! We’ll be training the whole winter through and will be posting lots of great content and routines.

That was pretty cool.

Really enjoyed that.
Keep up the good work!

Hey thanks fellas! Appreciate all the support!