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How to Start Cut After a Long Bulk?


I have a question regarding how to start my cut after this long bulk and what supplement can be used to get better results.

I have two bottles of each PES norcodrene and shift. Should I start first without these and the after 6-8 weeks add both these to help me further or it’s better to start cut with these supps? What other supps(fat burners etc) will you guys recommend?

Further details and some basic doubts:
My TDEE is around 2800 cals and right now I am eating approx 3400 p:220,c:360,f:120 (yeah current calories are bit on the higher side). What I have planned is to cut at 2500 calories p:220,c:225,f:80 till I hit the plateau. Now I have decided to start this cut after 2-3 weeks- So should I start directly at 2500 then or there is some benefit of reducing calories gradually to 3100, 2800, 2500 over this time? How does this deficit of 300 sounds as a starting point for the cut? And what do you think about the macros breakdown.

(And regarding the workouts I will train 3x a week and I have planned to lower down volume a bit but to do the compound exercises and keeping the intensity high (heavy lifting) so as to maintain the small amount of muscles that I have gained during this bulk. And If later required then I will add 1-2 cardio sessions too. )

Any other suggestions regarding nutrition/workouts/supplements are most welcome



Lower your food intake gradually.


You dont need to cut calories below maintenance just eat very clean(zero sugar etc) and do cardio/train high volume/HIIT …


Pretty much you gotta go on a caloric deficiency. Up your protein, lower your fats, and lower your carbs. Make sure that you actually eat low glycemic carbs. Also the closer you get to a lower fat percentage, its going to get harder and harder. you’ll need to eat super clean to get your goal. But the results will speak for themselves at the end :)! For low glycemic carbs check out this site here- http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthy-eating/glycemic_index_and_glycemic_load_for_100_foods
Good luck dude !!


The general consensus here is in agreement about eating super clean but otherwise ignore this guy above^^

As TC - the Editor in Chief of this site explains here, ‘Calories in calories out’ is an obsolete paradigm…