How to Start Coaching?

It’s not a category, but I figured this is the best place to go.

Does anyone know what or where one should go to become or to even start thinking about coaching or becoming a coach?

I’d like to someday teach Jr Level athletes whether at a school or gym. Is there any specific certs or things I should look into?

I know this site pretty well, it’s an awesome resource. Taught me a lot, but how do I get on track with coaching others? I have “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe and it’s tremendous in it’s ability to transfer education into ability into action.

Any suggestions?

(I know I repeated myself a lot)

I’ll be the guy to respond to you man dont worry.

I am thinking about doing the same and my list of priorities would be as follows:

  1. Read. Any and evertthing. It may not be cost efficient but start stacking books upon books of researched material. There will be tons of kids if you coach high school athletes not all of them will have the same direction. Your knowledge can help lead them down the right path.

  2. An excercise science certification not the degree. I know at Columbus State in Columbus Ohio has a program that only takes a couple of quarters at most and you have a certification as a trainer which always looks nice.

Mainly its who you know, as most situations are in life. I’d say the only other thing you can have beside certifications, experience and extensive knowledge is to be absolutely yolked. A little ethos never hurt anybody…

CSCS is the gold standard of strength coaches. ASCS is the other good one. I have known several people who became strength coaches and they get started by getting a GA strength coach spot for a college sports team. While GA’ing they got a masters in Kinesiology and got CSCS certified and ASCS certified. They knew someone to get the spot. If you dont know anyone you should probably get CSCS certified to help you get the spot. This is just one route that everyone I know has used. I’m sure there are other ways.

Might be a good idea to choose a sport to coach. Too many strength and conditioning coaches focus on making their kids great at lifting in the gym without being able to understand how it transfers to the actual sport or be able to produce on field results.

Lately I’ve been coming across a lot of people wanting to do this. Pretty awesome! I’m also in the same boat. My friend recommended after my degree in Exercise Science to get some experience first as a CPT since I basically have none.

I’m also going to pursue the CSCS certification and see where I go from there. I’m looking to coach in the NY area, but I’m definitely open to branch out to other states.