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How to Start a Clen Cycle?

First, Ill start with stats of myself:

Age: 22
Weight: 86kg
BF%: Around 18%ish
Training experience: 8 years of strenght training, 4 years of martial arts, 3 years of athletics (from when I was i child).
Eating habbits: Mostly healthy, mabye 80% of the time im eating healthy. High carb (40-50%), Moderate prot (25-30%) and moderate fat (20-25%).
Current training habbits (a week): 2 x 3h with martial arts, 2 x 1h strenght training (skipping the strenght training for a week if I feel overtrained)

So as you can see I have been training for all my life, I have however not been eating properly until 3-4 years ago. Still im not very pleased with my current fitness/strenght level. I do wanna try clenbuterol for the sake of shedding of my VERY stubborn belly fat (I know ofc you cant burn belly fat specificly), to get down to a more acceptable BF%. From there on Ill see what to do then…

Is Clenbuterol a good start? If not, what else should/can I use? And what do I do after im finished with first clenbuterol cycle? How long should the fist cycle be?

uh oh, dude seriously, you can google your drug of choice and it comes up with loads of answers.

in regards to clen on its own

if you are doing the diet right and are doing decent cardio 3 or 4 times per week and not losing any fat then clen will add in something extra

i used eph’s and caffine first stage for 3 weeks then went over to clen and t3 for 3 weeks then back to ephs.

it worked.

unfortunately i seem less tollerant to clen now which is a pisser as it did some great work on me.

i got for a couple months leaving it alone and then goe back for a couple weeks blast.

ephs never supressed my appetite so i needed something more effective.

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