How to squat???

I have a big problem. About 4 years ago I set the squat record in my high school. 640 lbs. NOw I can only squat 315 and when I do my lower back really starts to hurt. I have noticed that my back is bending more than 45 deg. and my butt sticks way out. What can I do to correct this problem?

Did you squat 640 pounds or HALF squat 640 pounds??? There’s only like 5 guys in the world who can FULL squat 500 pounds so that’s quite impressive if you could.

Seriously though, it sounds like your lower back is too weak for squatting. Try this routine to get you in shape for squatting:

A1) Trap Bar Dead Lifts 3030 tempo for 10 reps.
rest 10 seconds
A2) Step Ups 8-10 reps
rest 10 seconds
A3) Dumbell Lunges 8 reps per leg alternating on each rep.

rest 4 minutes before repeating 3 times.

try this for 4-5 workouts then go back and try squatting.

Search this site for proper lunge technique.

Ripped----Try Box Squatting and Good Mornings. Box Squats will teach you to sit back into the squat without bending over, and Good Mornings will strengthen your lower back.

What is the state of your flexibility? Look up Ian King’s article on stretching in tmag and make sure your doing it. I could evaluate a person’s squat technique if I saw them lift. In my experience, it’s a flexibility issue or something that ART could help or both. Also what the previous post said has merit. what kind of squat was it. I’ve done triple bodyweight with supportive gear in a legitamite meet.
If your flexibility is fine, it’s probably what the previous reader said, a weak lower back and also hamstrings. Concentrate on erector, hamstring, ab, and external hip rotator strength.

My reply is to Jamie. Only five guys in the
world that can full squat over 500 pounds??
I am not trying to ridicule you or anything
but where and how did you come up with that number? I saw five guys during the Olympics
full squat (front) more than 500. Just trying to say there are more than 5 in the world. Good advice though!!

To Jamie…It was a full squat, I guess. My coach was yelling at me the whole time telling me to go lower and lower. I was not looking. But I do know I was lower than half.
To every one else, thanks for the advice. I figured my lower back was weak.

Your coach was there and he let you use that kind of load with in all probability, poor form (no disrespect ripped). It is this kind of stupidity that drives me crazy. Your coach is supposed to protect you from doing stupid things like that not encourage it! Since your pain didn’t come on suddenly I doubt its a muscle pull…You may have a bulging disc. In any event go see a doctor and get a better strength coach.