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How to Squat with Weightlifting Shoes?


I just bought weightlifting shoes (addidas power lift) and I tried them on front squats and I felt like I was tipping forward and rounding. I use to use converse flats and didnt have much of a problem with my mobility or ankle dorsiflexion but I felt that I could use them as I increase my lift. I tried them twice and I couldnt stay too upright at the bottom of my front squat.

With these weighlifting shoes, should I drop my hips back and sit back more since the heels are elevated. I am referring to the front squat but would the same also apply to back squat?


I think it would but I am a mere beginner in terms of squatting. I find the shoes help when there is heavier weight. They keep you centred . I think the balance point is in the middle of the foot for the lifts I am not sure with the squats though. They definitely help me get deeper. I used to squat in converse too. My flexibility is worse now .


You need to sit straight down, not back. Make sure you’re keeping your center of balance in the mid-foot, just n front of the heel.

And, it takes more time to get used to squatting in a heeled shoe. Or, if you’re increasing the heel height of the shoes.