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How to Split Test Undecanoate?


I am about to get on TRT and my doc prescribed me 1000mg testosterone undecanoate every 10 weeks, but I do not want to get on that protocol and would ideally want to split my dose weekly (i.e. 100 mg every week) to have more stable testosterone and estradriol levels. I have very low SHBG.

My problem is that the 4 ml 1000mg testosterone undecanoate is supposed to be single use and comes in an ampule, so how do I split it in weekly doses without affecting the sanctity of the Testosterone? Its quite cheap here and I don't mind using say 400 mg a month (by probably pre filling the syringes?) and letting the balance go waste. Or can I transfer it to a sterile vial and use it as required? Sorry am new to this hence the novice questions.




Tell your doc that you want to self inject more often to prevent levels from changing and that T cypionate or ethanate in multi-dose vials would then be more appropriate.

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